• refugees{code}

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    refugees{code} – coding school for integration
    We support refugees in becoming software developers


    Stefan Steinberger
    Daniela Wolf
    Alexander Hartveld
    Florian Schwarz
    Nadina Gradascevic
    Milena Lazarova
    Sabine Köck
    Stefan Rohrmanstorfer
    Adnan Kajouk
    Anna Ardijana Asllani



  1. Ibrahim Omar says: 7. September 2017 at 18:38Antworten

    I am Ibrahim Omar , a refugee from Somalia. I was one of the students of this project „refugeescode“ „intake2 -2017“ it was amazing time to participate in this project and helped me alot to get in touch with „Programming“. Thank you Refugeescode. Keep going! We need more projects like this.

  2. Luca Stirbat says: 18. September 2017 at 11:07Antworten

    Loved your project! Although i don’t think i have understood it to its full potential ( google translate isn’t helping ), I voted for you and hope to see you in the final! By the way, you can also vote for us here, on the Romanian page: http://socialimpactaward.ro/. BLINKR is our project, we hope you like it ????