• Winners from 8 Countries Meet in Vienna

    Last week 26 student teams from across Europe met in Vienna to collaborate and brainstorm to develop visions for their social enterprises. The Social Impact Award winners are student social entrepreneurs from 8 European countries and are dedicating their summer vacation to new solutions to societal problems.

    In 2 busy days, the students were grilled on their projects, received constructive feedback, inputs on media tools, and had fun imagining newspaper headlines 5 years down the road. Whether someone wins the Nobel Peace Prize or not, it was exciting to see the potential benefits coming to society in the next months and years.

    The teams from all countries were quite impressive, whether they are working with disabled athletes in Austria, improving the blood supply system in Greece, integrating mentally disabled people into social networks in Czech Republic, or fighting food waste in Switzerland.

    The Vision Workshop brought these and more teams together and was the first phase of the Social Impact Summer 2014. We look forward to watching the projects and entrepreneurs develop and are excited about the months ahead!