• These are the winners of 2012!

    At the International Award Ceremony on Friday, the finalists from Czech Republic, Romania and Austria such as more than 100 guests were waiting anxiously for the announcement of the awards.

    The winners of the Community Voting 2012 are:

    Pragulic (CZ)

    Sezatoarea (RO)

    SuperSoulMe (AUT)

    The winners of the Social Impact Award 2012 are:

    Enterprising Schools (CZ)

    Upside Down (RO)

    Out of Box (AUT)

    iDepart (AUT)

    Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to all finalists for participating and for reaching the final round! The Social Impact Award Team says: THANK YOU!!!

    Right now we are starting into the last day of the 2 days Vision Workshop! We will keep you updated with more details in the upcoming days! We are going to  publish all the awesome  pictures of the Award Ceremony and the Vision Workshop as soon as possible!