1. Igor Luketina says: 14. September 2022 at 14:46Antworten

    Hi, it’s Igor founder of COSMOTAICS 👋

    Wish you a great day ☀️, thanks for watching the video and maybe 🤔 voting!

    Let’s green the deserts together!

  2. GUADALUPE DIAZ says: 16. September 2022 at 04:36Antworten

    Felicitaciones desde Lima

  3. ozan dagli says: 17. September 2022 at 17:52Antworten

    This is a really great project. I hope we will see the development in the field of agriculture also.

  4. Aljoša Smajić says: 22. September 2022 at 19:37Antworten

    A project like this one is from great importance and we all need to be aware that science and progress in the corresponding scientific field needs more support than ever.

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