SDG: Reduced Inequalities, Seite 3

  • Use Potential

    Use Potential will revolutionize the way refugee camps work with one simple question. By asking all refugees about their skills and building up a database with those, the currently neglected […]

  • Digital Coach

    The training course “Digital Coach” strives to bridge the digital gap between “Digital Natives” and “Silver Surfers”: young participants are empowered to guide elderly people through their first steps within […]


    PROSA – At PROSA, our goal is to provide comprehensive secondary education for refugees in the 16+ age group. The resulting diploma (Pflichtschulabschluss) is the key to a satisfying work […]

  • Blitab

    Blitab – Green VISION is an innovative device for blind and visually impaired. It is like an electronic book, which instead of using a screen for visualizing the text, uses […]

  • Silver Linings

    The expertise of senior citizens is growing more important as European societies grow older. However, many old people lose their purpose in later life. SILVER LININGS aims to stop the […]

  • TheaterFlucht

    Community Award

    Theater Refuge – TheaterFlucht offers children and young people of asylum seeking families the opportunity to participate in a theater and dance project together with young people from Austria. Two […]

  • Buch-Piloten

    Book Pilots – “Buch-Piloten” is an innovative art project, which aims to fascinate young children with language. Kids between the ages of seven and ten years create, write and illustrate […]


    Community Award

    SUPERSOULME is an association that offers children and young people in socially troubled environments the opportunity to dance, to express, to perform and to grow in FREE projects all year […]

  • Out of box

    „Out of Box“ offers a more effective, economically more meaningful and humane way of treating delinquent young people in Austria. In close cooperation with the judiciary, we provide young people […]

  • Footprint

    FOOTPRINT is a non-governmental organization (NGO) headquartered in Vienna, which fights against the drastic human rights violation of trafficking in women and supports victims of trafficking in women in various […]

  • Whatchado

    Community Award

    Whatchado – Regardless of your background, gender or age WHATCHADO provides guidance and orientation in the endless jungle of possible life and career paths. Let our STORIES inspire you and […]