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  • is a charitable initiative that connects refugees with employers in order to help refugees find legal working and education opportunities which are in line with their skills. By this we are aiming to promote the social and economic integration of refugees in Austria and make their potential availaible to the austrian labour market.

  • ZIAG

    ZIAG – ZIAG builds a website of proven best practices for the integration of refugees in society and supports volunteers, refugees, mayors, and various other stakeholders through workshops in implementing this best practices.

  • [sic!]

    The [sic!] – students‘ innovation centre supports sustainable projects, initiatives, and enterprises at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. It provides support, orientation, and space for implementing ideas and enables communication with other universities, businesses, and many more.

  • Digital Coach

    The training course “Digital Coach” strives to bridge the digital gap between “Digital Natives” and “Silver Surfers”: young participants are empowered to guide elderly people through their first steps within digital environments. The first half of the Course focusses on media literacy and coaching skills – within the second half, participants are guided to use their newly gained knowledge right away. Therefore Buddy-Teams of a Teenager and a Senior are formed. As an additional and just as important value, both target groups get an insight in their way of life and might revise stereotypes.

  • Vienna Legal Literacy Project

    The Vienna Legal Literacy Project is a non-profit student-run organisation promoting ‚legal literacy‘. Our goal is to introduce young people to basic legal concepts. We realize this goal by recruiting law students who are willing to hold workshops on various legal topics in high schools. Topics feature issues that are highly relevant for teenagers, such as ‚Cybermobbing‘, ‚Migration Law‘, ‚Internet and IP Law (Filesharing, Streaming)‘ in order to sparken their interest in the law. With the help of our workshops, our students learn to understand legal issues, and when and where to seek counsel.


    PROSA – At PROSA, our goal is to provide comprehensive secondary education for refugees in the 16+ age group. The resulting diploma (Pflichtschulabschluss) is the key to a satisfying work life or higher education. We offer private tuition, a theater project,football classes,a buddy project & more to empower our students. Our Social Workers are always on hand to support them every step of the way. PROSA helps each individual to build their communication skills, confidence & ability to contribute to Austrian society. At PROSA we believe education is a human right & young refugees deserve that right too.

  • Silver Linings

    The expertise of senior citizens is growing more important as European societies grow older. However, many old people lose their purpose in later life. SILVER LININGS aims to stop the waste of seniors’ experience and knowledge and at the same time prevent social disengagement in later life. It will facilitate a dialogue between senior citizens and designers to make older people active prosumers of easy–‐to–‐use, age–‐friendly products and services.

  • Werkstadt Meidling

    Maker City Meidlung – “Werkstatt Meidling” is concerned with the development of an urban design concept for Meidling. The goal is to make fallow buildings and business premisses usable and publicly accessible again through architectural interventions. Through a network of public workshops the goal is to bring new life into the abandonned property of Meidling. Connected with affordable studio space, this way small creative islands emerge scattered throughout the district. There is a great deal of interest in crafts in this day and age again. Young people are knitting, baking, cooking and gardening again. Often, however, the space and means to pursue these interests are missing. „Werkstadt Meidling“ would therefore like to set up professionally equipped workspaces for everyone on all sorts of topics (wood workshop, plant workshop, film workshop, cooking workshop), where young and old have access to machines such as laser cutters, CNC milling machines, 3D printers, greenhouses, etc. and get important tips from experienced people. The result are creative islands of encounter in which knowledge and talents can be exchanged and Meidling can bring back a piece of its old craftmanship mentality.


    Original text:

    Maker City Meidling – “Werkstadt Meidling” befasst sich generell mit der Ausarbeitung eines städtebaulichen Konzepts für Meidling. Ziel ist es durch architektonische Interventionen brachliegende Gebäude und Geschäftlokale wieder nutzbar und öffentlich zugänglich zu machen. Durch ein Netzwerk aus öffentlichen Werkstätten soll wieder Leben in den Leerstand Meidlings kommen. Verbunden mit leistbaren Atelierräumlichkeiten bilden sich so kleine kreative Inseln über den gesamten Bezirk verstreut. Es herrscht gerade in der heutigen Zeit wieder ein großes Interesse an Handwerk. Junge Menschen, stricken, backen, kochen, gärtnern wieder. Oft fehlen aber die Räumlichkeiten und Mittel um diesen Interessen nachgehen zu können. “Werkstadt Meidling” möchte deshalb zu unterschiedlichsten Themen (Holzwerkstatt, Pflanzenwerkstatt, Filmwerkstatt, Kochwerkstatt), professionell ausgestattete Arbeitsräume für Jedermann einrichten, in denen Jung und Alt Zugang zu Maschinen, wie Lasercuttern, CNC-Fräsen, 3D-Druckern, Gewächshäusern etc. haben und dort wichtige Tipps von erfahrenen Leuten bekommen können. Es entstehen also kreative Inseln der Begegnung in denen Wissen und Talente ausgetauscht werden können und die Meidling ein Stück ihrer alten Handwerksmentalität zurück bringen.

  • Institut für angewandte Korruption

    Institute of applied Corruption – The Institute of applied Corruption wants to document, inform and help people understand corruption. Our main services are fun educational tours through Vienna showing places of recent cases of corruption. Opening and discussing the topic with a wide public, we want to increase the pressure on corrupt people and politicians to do something against it. Our vision is a society that knows the rules of corruption and therefore refuses to play with them.

  • TheaterFlucht

    Theater Refuge – TheaterFlucht offers children and young people of asylum seeking families the opportunity to participate in a theater and dance project together with young people from Austria. Two weeks of summer vacation are used to provide a playful approach to theater, dance and education. Through joint improvisation, dancing and singing, the different participants get to know each other. Thus, mutual prejudices can be reduced and lived integration can be supported. TheaterFlucht promotes diversity through creative means and makes it possible to playfully build bridges.


    Original text:

    Theater Refuge – TheaterFlucht bietet Kindern und Jugendlichen asylsuchender Familien die Möglichkeit, gemeinsam mit jungen Menschen aus Österreich an einem Theater- und Tanzprojekt teilzunehmen. Zwei Wochen der Sommerferien werden dazu genutzt, einen spielerischen Zugang zu Theater, Tanz und Bildung zu eröffnen. Durch gemeinsames Improvisieren, Tanzen und Singen lernen sich die unterschiedlichen TeilnehmerInnen kennen. So können gegenseitige Vorurteile abgebaut und gelebte Integration unterstützt werden. TheaterFlucht fördert anhand kreativer Mittel Vielfalt und ermöglicht es, spielerisch Brücken zu bauen.

  • Buch-Piloten

    Book Pilots – “Buch-Piloten” is an innovative art project, which aims to fascinate young children with language. Kids between the ages of seven and ten years create, write and illustrate individual stories together with professional illustrators and authors. The very next day these stories will be handed out to the children in the form of a bound book. We are convinced that language is the key to integration and creativity is the key to self-confidence.


    SUPERSOULME is an association that offers children and young people in socially troubled environments the opportunity to dance, to express, to perform and to grow in FREE projects all year long. Additionally, we offer dance classes for all dance enthusiasts in the following styles: House, Voguing, Waacking, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Locking, Popping, African, contemporary dance and more.


    Original text:

    SUPERSOULME ist ein Verein der Kindern und Jugendlichen in sozialen Brennpunkten ganzjährig die Möglichkeit bietet in KOSTENLOSEN Projekten zu tanzen, sich auszudrücken, zu performen und zu wachsen.

    Als Ergänzung bieten wir Tanzstunden für alle Tanzbegeisterten in folgenden Stilen an: House, Voguing, Waacking, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Locking, Popping, African, zeitgenössischer Tanz uvm.

  • Out of box

    „Out of Box“ offers a more effective, economically more meaningful and humane way of treating delinquent young people in Austria. In close cooperation with the judiciary, we provide young people with a structure that qualifies them, supports them and promotes their development in order to lift them from the spiral of delinquency.


    Original text:

    „Out of Box“ bietet eine wirksamere, volkswirtschaftlich sinnvollere und humanere Möglichkeit an, wie in Österreich mit straffällig gewordenen Jugendlichen umgegangen wird. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit der Justiz bieten wir den Jugendlichen eine Struktur, die sie qualifiziert, unterstützt und in ihrer Entwicklung fördert um sie so aus der Spirale der Delinquenz zu holen.

  • Footprint

    FOOTPRINT is a non-governmental organization (NGO) headquartered in Vienna, which fights against the drastic human rights violation of trafficking in women and supports victims of trafficking in women in various ways. We work on the principle of informing all affected women about their rights and opportunities and to offer them the best possible options for improving their living situations. FOOTPRINT offers a broad range of services for trafficked women: emotional areas of retreat, counseling and care options, alternative therapy options, training and workout courses, and support for reintegration into society.


    Original text:

    FOOTPRINT ist eine nicht-staatliche Organisation (NGO) mit Hauptsitz in Wien, die sich gegen die drastische Menschenrechtsverletzung des Frauenhandels einsetzt und Betroffene von Frauenhandel in Österreich in unterschiedlicher Hinsicht unterstützt. Wir arbeiten nach dem Prinzip, jede betroffene Frau über die ihr zustehenden Rechte und Möglichkeiten aufzuklären und ihr die bestmöglichen Optionen zu bieten, ihre Lebenssituation zu verbessern. FOOTPRINT bietet ein umfassendes Angebot für Betroffene von Frauenhandel: Räumlichkeiten für den emotionalen Rückzug, Beratungs- und Betreuungsmöglichkeiten, alternative Therapie-Möglichkeiten, Fortbildungs- und Work-Out-Kurse, sowie Unterstützung bei der Re-Integration in die Gesellschaft.

  • Whatchado

    Whatchado – Regardless of your background, gender or age WHATCHADO provides guidance and orientation in the endless jungle of possible life and career paths. Let our STORIES inspire you and try out the WHATCHADO MATCHING to discover new career perspectives which fit your interests.