SDG: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Seite 2

  • Reisebunt

    Reisen ist eines der beliebtesten Hobbys der Österreicherinnen und Österreicher. Aktuelle Zahlen belegen, dass rund 4.4 Mio. Personen jedes Jahr zumindest eine Reise unternehmen. Wieder um 67 % davon verbringt […]

  • Liberty.Home

    Community Award

    Libertydothome is a social business that combines the benefits of a tiny house with a clear social mission – a small home for everyone. With our micro home living concept, […]

  • MobiDic

    MobiDic ist eine mobile Applikation, die das Dokumentieren einfacher und effizienter als je zuvor macht. Mit Hilfe von einer speech-to-text-Funktion ist MobiDic in der Lage, Gesprochenes in eine schriftliche und […]

  • Zukunftswerk

    We educate young people about environmental projects, impart necessary competences, prepare them for the job market of tomorrow and empower them to find a job, an apprenticeship or an educational […]

  • refugees{code}

    Jury Award

    refugees{code} – coding school for integration We support refugees in becoming software developers Team: Stefan Steinberger Daniela Wolf Alexander Hartveld Florian Schwarz Nadina Gradascevic Milena Lazarova Sabine Köck Stefan Rohrmanstorfer […]

  • is a charitable initiative that connects refugees with employers in order to help refugees find legal working and education opportunities which are in line with their skills. By this […]

  • ZIAG

    ZIAG – ZIAG builds a website of proven best practices for the integration of refugees in society and supports volunteers, refugees, mayors, and various other stakeholders through workshops in implementing […]

  • Use Potential

    Use Potential will revolutionize the way refugee camps work with one simple question. By asking all refugees about their skills and building up a database with those, the currently neglected […]

  • Digital Coach

    Jury Award

    The training course “Digital Coach” strives to bridge the digital gap between “Digital Natives” and “Silver Surfers”: young participants are empowered to guide elderly people through their first steps within […]

  • Social Friends

    Community Award

    Our goal is to facilitate the access to sports for young disabled people. The SOCIAL FRIENDS community integrates handicapped athletes and supports them on their way to a self-determined and […]


    PROSA – At PROSA, our goal is to provide comprehensive secondary education for refugees in the 16+ age group. The resulting diploma (Pflichtschulabschluss) is the key to a satisfying work […]