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  • Reisebunt

    Reisen ist eines der beliebtesten Hobbys der Österreicherinnen und Österreicher. Aktuelle Zahlen belegen, dass rund 4.4 Mio. Personen jedes Jahr zumindest eine Reise unternehmen. Wieder um 67 % davon verbringt den Urlaub im Ausland. Auf die Umwelt wird jedoch vergessen! Jede Reise – egal ob Kurztrip oder Fernreise – vergrößert den persönlichen ökologischen Fußabdruck. Auf den wohlverdienten Urlaub verzichten? Nein, auch wir lieben es, neue Orte, Menschen und Kulturen kennenzulernen. Deshalb haben ich, Philipp Anfang des Jahres ins Leben gerufen: Unsere Lösung um den CO2 Ausstoß zu reduzieren bzw. in weiterer Folge auch zu kompensieren. Bei jeder Buchung, die über unseren Reiseblog eingeht, pflanzen wir (kostenlos) Bäume.

  • Liberty.Home

    Libertydothome is a social business that combines the benefits of a tiny house with a clear social mission – a small home for everyone. With our micro home living concept, we want to provide homeless people with a home, because a home can also mean freedom, especially for those who don’t have one.


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    Libertydothome ist ein social business, welches die Vorteile eines Tiny house mit einer klaren sozialen Mission kombiniert – Ein kleines Zuhause für Jeden. Mit unserem Micro-Home Wohnkonzept möchten wir obdachlosen / wohnungslosen Menschen ein Zuhause bieten , weil ein Zuhause auch Freiheit bedeuten kann, speziell für Menschen die keines haben.

  • MobiDic

    MobiDic ist eine mobile Applikation, die das Dokumentieren einfacher und effizienter als je zuvor macht. Mit Hilfe von einer speech-to-text-Funktion ist MobiDic in der Lage, Gesprochenes in eine schriftliche und digitale Form zu bringen.

  • I am Refugee

    „I am Refugee“ is the digital partner that enables equal possibilities for both newcomers and locals in Austria. Our multilingual platform provides refugees with information on why, where and how to learn German, find Austrian friends, get work experience, find housing and generally prepare for a successful life in Austria.


    Stephanie Gasche
    Nikolaus Gasche
    Katja Maria Grafl

  • Zukunftswerk

    We educate young people about environmental projects, impart necessary competences, prepare them for the job market of tomorrow and empower them to find a job, an apprenticeship or an educational establishment.


    Bianca Köck
    Daniela Einsiedler
    Jasmin Sommer
    Michaela Punz


    Unused potential is costly for the society, frustrating for the individual and a loss for the labour market. We want to change that! MORE THAN ONE PERSPECTIVE (MTOP) is an advanced training program that offers various workshops, training and mentoring to prepare highly qualified refugees to enter the labour market. MTOP’s mission is to make refugees´ potential accessible to the labour market and break down negative stereotypes.


    Haia Haddad
    Nina Poxleitner
    Julian Richter
    Lisa-Maria Sommer

  • refugees{code}

    refugees{code} – coding school for integration
    We support refugees in becoming software developers


    Stefan Steinberger
    Daniela Wolf
    Alexander Hartveld
    Florian Schwarz
    Nadina Gradascevic
    Milena Lazarova
    Sabine Köck
    Stefan Rohrmanstorfer
    Adnan Kajouk
    Anna Ardijana Asllani


  • is a charitable initiative that connects refugees with employers in order to help refugees find legal working and education opportunities which are in line with their skills. By this we are aiming to promote the social and economic integration of refugees in Austria and make their potential availaible to the austrian labour market.

  • SpätBlüher

    Late Bloomer – SpätBlüher empowers eldery people threatened by poverty to plant cut flowers in their own garden. This not only brings them value, recognition, and additional income, but also tackles the environmentally damaging international trade of cut flowers across the globe.

  • ZIAG

    ZIAG – ZIAG builds a website of proven best practices for the integration of refugees in society and supports volunteers, refugees, mayors, and various other stakeholders through workshops in implementing this best practices.

  • Fair Cycle

    Fair Cycle produces and distributes bike frames produced of bambus in Uganda. By doing so it creates jobs as well as mobility in Uganda.

  • Use Potential

    Use Potential will revolutionize the way refugee camps work with one simple question. By asking all refugees about their skills and building up a database with those, the currently neglected potential can be used and supported. This allows for more self-determination of the population and ultimately a better quality of life in camps around the world.

  • Digital Coach

    The training course “Digital Coach” strives to bridge the digital gap between “Digital Natives” and “Silver Surfers”: young participants are empowered to guide elderly people through their first steps within digital environments. The first half of the Course focusses on media literacy and coaching skills – within the second half, participants are guided to use their newly gained knowledge right away. Therefore Buddy-Teams of a Teenager and a Senior are formed. As an additional and just as important value, both target groups get an insight in their way of life and might revise stereotypes.

  • Social Friends

    Our goal is to facilitate the access to sports for young disabled people. The SOCIAL FRIENDS community integrates handicapped athletes and supports them on their way to a self-determined and autonomous life. In return they remain a part of our community and act as role models for soon-to-be disabled athletes.
    In order to promote our handicapped athletes we collect donations at SOCIAL FRIENDS events and at fund-raisers arranged by other organizations. 


    PROSA – At PROSA, our goal is to provide comprehensive secondary education for refugees in the 16+ age group. The resulting diploma (Pflichtschulabschluss) is the key to a satisfying work life or higher education. We offer private tuition, a theater project,football classes,a buddy project & more to empower our students. Our Social Workers are always on hand to support them every step of the way. PROSA helps each individual to build their communication skills, confidence & ability to contribute to Austrian society. At PROSA we believe education is a human right & young refugees deserve that right too.